An International Competition to Find the World's Cutest Pet
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Competition Rules

Below is an outline of the official rules for's International Competition to Find the World's Cutest Pet. Please check these rules regularly, as they are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. By submitting your pet to the competition, your can be awarded cash and prizes. The grand prize of $25 is awarded to the pet with the highest overall winning percentage at the end of each and every month.

Competition Outline
The current monthly competition ends November 30, 2018! $25 will be awarded to the pet with the highest winning percentage from all duels that take place within the month of November with a minimum of 200 duels. These same rules apply to each and every month!
Pet Categories
All submitted pets will be assigned to their proper category. Please make sure to enter your pet into the correct category when you submit him/her, or it may delay the appearance of your pet in duels.

All submitted pets must be domestic animals. Photographing an adorable bear cub in the wild does not make it your pet, so please only submit pictures of animals that belong to you and are part of the family!

There are 5 categories to which your pet can be submitted:
  1. Dogs
    • Normal house dogs (labradors, terriers, etc.). Not exotic canines (wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, etc.)
  2. Cats
    • Normal house cats. Not exotic cats (lions, tigers, etc.)
  3. Horses
    • Any equine breeds including hybrids (mules, donkeys, etc.)
  4. Reptiles
    • Lizards, snakes, turtles, and the like
  5. Small Mammals
    • Any small pet mammal (hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, squirrels and other rodents)
  6. Others
    • Birds, fish and any other type of pet belong in this category
Uploading Images
Please only upload images of your pets, or pets you have been given explicit permission to submit on behalf of someone else. Each picture must only contain one pet. Pictures with multiple pets will not be approved and submitted into the competition. You must be the owner of the image you upload, or have explicit permission to upload and use that image. Once images are submitted to, they become the property of For more information, view the Terms & Conditions.
The Competition
The competition is composed of random match-ups between two members of the same pet category. Pets are chosen at random to face off against one another in a duel. There will be no end date for when pets can be submitted; however, there will be a minimum number of mandatory duels in order for a pet to move on to the next round. This number of mandatory duels will be determined when an average number of duels can be determined.

Scoring works as follows. Each duel can be a win, loss, or draw for either pet. The winner will add a win to that pet's overall record, and a loss will be added to the loser's record. A draw results in a draw being added to the record of both pets. The pets who advance to the next round will be determined by winning percentage. The winning percentage is calculated by the total number of wins divided by the number of wins and losses combined. Draws will not be counted towards the total number of duels when determining winning percentage. The pet with the highest percentage by the end of the competition will be declared the winner.
The prize for the monthly competition is $25. Each month, the pet with the highest winning percentage and a minimum of 200 duels will be declared the winner. Their owner will be sent a $25 prize via PayPal. Please note, PayPal is the only method with which will send prize payments. Please be sure to visit to register an account if you do not already have one, otherwise we will not be able to send you your prize.
Cheating/Voting Fraud
All users are, of course, allowed to vote for their own pets. However, it is against the rules of the competition to declare draws until seeing your pet(s) and only voting in duels in which a pet of yours appears. Additionally, any problem in the voting system (such as being able to have multiple votes cast from a single random duel) must be brought to the attention of by contacting us. Use of a flaw in the voting system constitutes cheating.

Any attempt to defraud, deceive or compromise the integrity of the competition is a form of cheating or voting fraud. Users found to have done this will have their pets disqualified from the competition and will not be awarded a prize of any kind. Please note - you may not be contacted about being a known cheater until after the competition is over. Therefore, it may appear as though your pet has won at the end of the competition, but if it is found in a review of the votes that dueling for your pet was illegitimate, your pet will be disqualified after the conclusion of the competition. Please note that if you are simply dueling to propel your pet(s) up the leaderboard, this is cheating and will earn you pet(s) a disqualification from the competition.

Please remember that is about having fun in a friendly, community environment. If your main intent in the use of this site is to win the grand prize, you are not using the site correctly. The prize given to the competition winner is simply a perk of the site - not the exclusive reason to be using it. We want the community at large to determine the winner of the competition - not individual users who simply cheat to get their pet to win. We are trying to find the world's cutest pet, not the world's most deceiving owners. Please use the site responsibly, and, remember, the site is about fun, not winning.
These rules are subject to update at any time, and reserves the right to disqualify pets from the tournament at any time for any reason. Please check this page regularly keep up to date with the competition rules.

Last Updated: 14 April 2009
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