All About PetDuel is a user-based pet community open to pet owners and pet lovers who can enter their pets into our competition and vote to determine the world's cutest pets. Please enjoy browsing the site, voting on pets and, hopefully, adding your own pets.

About Us? It's All About You!

At, we know we have a lofty goal, and we need your help. We are looking for the World's Cutest Pet. A lot of people claim that their pet is more adorable than any other. Finally, there is somewhere to prove this statement.

The Founders was started by two students at Dartmouth College in the spring of 2006. Michael and Nate had a heated debate about the obscurity of people saying their pet was the cutest. With a mutual friend of theirs walking around campus with her new puppy claiming she had "the cutest doggy in the world," an idea was born. Shortly after, was in production and then published to the world in the summer of 2006.

There is also more to the story than just that. Information about our business plan, vision, and strategy is available by contacting us.

What We're Doing is a site dedicated to finding out which pet is deserving of the title "World's Cutest Pet." Even though all of our pets on are winners, only one earns this grand title each month!

All pets are allowed to compete in this site, or else the question would not be completely answered. We're not just looking for fluffy poodles and adorable kittens. All pets, from all breeds and all species, are part of the competition! We need you to submit pictures of all your pets, any age or type. was created by pet lovers for pet lovers. So please enjoy voting on which pet is cuter even if you don't own a pet yourself!